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Re: Where do I find...

I believe the blue book quest can be found on the second floor of the tavern (south east corner of lirs reach). Go up the stairs, straight across to the end, take a right, and it's the room on the left.

Pretty sure the red book quest is started by speaking to your class trainer in the castle, just north of the main courtyard In the Guild Alley (the different classes are scattered around a bit).

You can get into Fingals Cave from either Shalemont Ravine, or the Tavern.
From Shalemont: go to the very far south west corner, just south of the Greygorge leystone. Go up the little hill, then through the tunnel.
From the Tavern: go through the tavern, downstairs into the cellar, and out the back door. Note: you need to complete a quest first to get through the Tavern back door. Talk to Hogan the Barkeep to start a short treasure hunt for the key!

You can get into the Dunskieg Sewers from Fingals Cave. To the north of the map, near the middle, there is a tunnel stretching north that will connect to the Sewers.

You can also get to Carrowmore Tunnels via Fingals Cave as well. The entrance is on the west side of the map, just cross the massive bridge.

Note: you probably won't be able to defeat most of the enemies in Carrowmore or the Sewers until you level up a bit more. You may have better luck finding a player who can sell or give you the skill, or else wait a bit until you are stronger.

Good luck!
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