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Skills question

Currently running a long shot heavy build with sharp shot, double shot, barbed shot, and extras in sharpen weapons.

What can I do to increase my damage while I level? Gear isn’t an issue and I just got rid of light heal and bolas from my build because I have lots of lux, use combos when I lix, and don’t boss right now.

Basically asking if explosive arrow is useful at all or if I should consider a new skill entirely

Re: Skills question

Drop barbed shot for points in sharpen and steady. Its a weak skill at endgame and even weaker when it comes to leveling.

Explosive arrow is a nice skill for leveling if you are in a group but can be difficult to add into a solo built because it requires sacrificing some dps for survivability
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Re: Skills question

Double shot is pointless for lixing. I would max sharpen and steady first. Especially sharpen is the most important skill for ranger.

Why do I think it is pointless:
1 You have a dex build.
2. Mobs don't have high def.
3. You have an attack lix while lixing anyway.
4. It uses energy that you are short on as a ranger already.
5. Alot of extra tapping skills for nothing, save your fingers.

Re: Skills question

I personally feel you should be running bolas with long shot build. I might be the few who do and I know it slows down the leveling as the skill takes a bit to cast but then you can kill a mob before it even reaches you espiclaly if you can get two long shots in before bolas runs out.

And yes run steady aim and sharpen. I know many don’t like using them because you have to recast every two mins but it really helps

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