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Re: Strength or Dex?

I changed my thinking recently, shifting away from primary stats (STR, DEX, FOC, VIT) and focusing on goals for the secondary attributes (Health, Energy, Attack, Damage, Defense). For one toon (which is a Ranger), for example, I decided I wanted no less than 14k health, 4k energy, 6000 attack, and 3500 damage (buffed). I added one more goal of being able to Light Heal for 2200 points or greater (including with swap gear). I didn't set a goal for Defense.

Then I basically threw all my stat points and gear into one big pile and figured out how to make it so.

My gear was already providing enough STR to do 3500+ damage buffed (using both SA and SW) so I put zero points into STR.

My gear was giving me lots of health, but not 14k so I put 468 points into Vitality to get exactly 14k.

My gear was giving me more than 4k energy already, so I put zero points into Focus.

Then I put the rest into DEX and met/exceeded my goals for Attack (it buffs to 6600+) and Light Heal (it heals for 2311).

Re: Strength or Dex?

Seriously... where do people find these old necro posts?
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Re: Strength or Dex?

Seriously... where do people find these old necro posts?

When Devs never locked or deleted old post and then someone will complain necropost. And kitty will warned you for necroposting or ban you for a month if you do it again. Meow...
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Re: Strength or Dex?

Dexterity build in Carrowmore 120-180 / Strength build at Floors 180-220 (endgame).
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