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King Of The Hill

Example: I throw -insert name- off the hill. I now control the hill. Next person responds with their own way to take control of the hill, and then says " I now control the hill."

I'll start.

I am the first person to ever colonize the hill. I now control the hill.
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Re: King Of The Hill

I entice Rexar with some doughnuts, he comes off the hill, eats them and finds out too late they are poisoned

I now control the hill
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Re: King Of The Hill

I tell eiji about a stash of gold that doesn't exist, he immediately goes to find the gold only to fall in a deep hole

I am now king of the hill 8-)
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Re: King Of The Hill

Sadly SubZ3ro noticed that in the new Mortal Combat they forgot to add Sub Zero, so he ceases to exist.

I am now queen of the hill.
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