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New Mage Setup (no pots used.....ever again)

Okay so I used to die, alot. Every third mob ran me into the ground unless I gargled hundreds of pots per couple lixes. Being a mage is hard but i believe otm has blessed us mages this event.

I am not the req for 190 ammys and thus purchased this new ammy from 140 vendor.
The obvious choice is the focus adding necklace....nope not for Elsroth.

I went for the extra 700 hp, 140 vit, (and heres the best bit), 105 armour.

Popped on my Bastion shield and voila solo lixed 2 times with no pots and 2 uses of e shield. DPS hardly budged, so i was still killing mobs fairly quickly. It sky rised my armour up to 608 and mobs were dropping like dominos whilst Els stood strong (for a change).

Just letting my fellow mages of my knowledge of this god build ;)

EDIT: I am currently level 175 and can comfortably down 180 trolls without pots, i am left at 40-50% hp.

here are my raw stats:
str -5
dex -5
focus -555
vit -335

Stats with bonuses:
str -5
dex -5
focus -870
vit -695

Health: 5900
Energy: 5461
Armour: 608

Setup of items:
Helm: Ancient Beastbone
Breastplate: Ancient Beastbone
Gloves, Boots and Greaves: Dragonlord

Mainhand: Dark Grimoire
Offhand: Shield of Bastion
Misc: Comrak Stonebark (50 focus, 250 hp)
Ammy: Brightstone Poacher (700 hp, 140 vit, 105 armour)
Bracelets: 2 Majestic Riftskulls (70foc/70vit)
Rings: nooby grand rings

As you can see this is not an expensive all-out lux setup. around 1.3-1.5mil. For me it works very well for solo lixing and dps is not atrocious, definitely not advised for lock battles ;)

P.S. Solo lixing has never been easier
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Re: New Mage Setup (no pots used.....ever again)

Solo mage is definitely easier with high armour. I had I needed to choose a lvl 150 necklace, Id go with either the new event tank one (200 vit, 1000 hp, 150 armour) or stargem tank one (200 vit, 120 armour, 300 defence).
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Re: New Mage Setup (no pots used.....ever again)

I don't really level anymore...and no, eshield is a waste. If I did want to level or do bounties I'd simply swap some gear around. A vit neck and shadow mord helm already get you to like 4k which is plenty. If I'm soloing a ow 6* or 4* mob I might also add a skain ring and a def/armor brace with runic shield. One can never swap too much gear
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