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Help with Vit/Foc ratio


I have a level 90 Ice Mage, and need some pointers re Vit/Foc ratio, as I last for about 3-4 fights then I’m back and forth to the Tavern.

Ice Shard: 25
Ice Blast: 31/25
Ice Attune: 29/25
Ice Lure: 10
Energy Shield: 10
(All used during fight)

Vit: 188
Foc: 277 (341 w/armor)

Any help would be great.

Re: Help with Vit/Foc ratio

Ive always done 3/2 foc/vit before gear. It seems to work pretty well even if soloing (if you use hp comsumables). You could try to get away with even less hp but its a good start and you can always stop adding points into vit if you want. Just do 5 foc for a few levels if you think you still have enough hp.

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