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Re: Game and Servers are Dying help VR

I’ve said many times before, Celtic heroes needs to be advertise. I have never seen this game advertised I don’t know if it’s a money issue or not but being the game it is, this game would have such a wider player base if it was advertised on Facebook, Twitter, AppStore, Instagram. I personally believe there social media is a big part on growing Celtics community. I got lucky finding this game I was intentionally looking for open world games on the App Store and seen it. But that’s not enough for it to get noticed.

This new hat quest has been really fun we just need more things to do to keep people interrelated I tear of the same repetitive stuff!! I mean even the hat quest is getting repetitive. Maybe if it wasn’t all spiders maybe if we had to do little tasks for golden candles??

Re: Game and Servers are Dying help VR

Like I said u can't find this game in Google or apple ap store without searching for it so how are we supposed to get new players! We need new players to keep the game going!

Advertising, Advertising, Advertising VR do something to get new players and get what I think is the best open world mmorpg on the market out to a wider audience!!!

Re: Game and Servers are Dying help VR

Wow! Really?

I’ve noticed the EXACT opposite on taranis. We are flourishing with activity atm. Atleast lower level to mid game. In my gameplay hours castle has had 2 pages of people most of the time. Plus stonevale and shalemount also have a constant 10-12 players. Large influx of new players. We gave out hundreds of skill training manuals in castle and I have taken about 5-6 new to help them with builds and leveling. Teaching builds, hotswap tips etc.

The same however can not be said about our eg community, while we as a whole server kill gele on spawn, we only kill Bt once a week. But all these new players leveling gives us hope.

Also just a month or so ago I noticed what you guys noticed with the decreased activity. All areas would be near empty for long durations. But honestly this past month I have observed the opposite. The activity reminds me of back in 2014 when I was a noob. There is actually once again a market for skill tomes and skill rings. While before these few months I wouldn’t think twice about vendoring skill rings, now I keep to give away to new players.

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