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Re: New item drop locations

yea wrote:I have a question about the fordgehell brace , The rare 5* that spawns in mord pit will look like snor? Or looks like a normal troll but a 5*

Also, there are many kind of trolls do i kill all? And there is a green troll with them.

He looks like the rest of the normal 4* trolls. He is red. But im not sure you can force spawn him by killing the 4* trolls...

Re: New item drop locations

0din wrote:I have come to the conclusion that these "rare" items cannot be farmed. They must spawn on a very long time cycle. We have killed placeholder THOUSANDS of times! Thats just ridiculose! There is no fun in farming something that never drops! People have put hundreds of hours into farming these with no results...Its just frustrating and makes me ill! Great job on the new rares! :/

We had 2 apostate braces within 24 hours on Epona a while ago. I do not think that it’s a timer, just very rare but random.
Also it would be nice to know exactly which troll is the placeholder so you can farm fully afk. Evryone I see farming is clearing all spawns which gets boring pretty quickly.
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Re: New item drop locations

Has anyone on any server got apostate or banished brace drop anytime recently? One has not dropped on epona for 6 months or more, and it has been farmed everyday, all day!! There is ALWAYS someone killing the confirmed mobs. It does not make sense how one has not dropped. It has litteraly been farmed 24/7 for 6 months!! Are these removed from game or have the chances been seriously decreased? I have personally been farming this every day for about 2 months...

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