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Re: Carnage without bosses

mckenna wrote:This is bad.. utterly boring..

In 12 hrs no gara skain urch

Just pretend the weekend was double plat only and problem solved.
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Re: Carnage without bosses

Mdunc1982 wrote:Noobs....legacies dont have set time like other bosses

Guessing you weren’t at first Carrow carnage then
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Re: Carnage without bosses

Apples-Bele wrote:
Mdunc1982 wrote:Noobs....legacies dont have set time like other bosses

Guessing you weren’t at first Carrow carnage then

Nah were just noobs._. He said so, he must be right.
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Re: Carnage without bosses

Skerwald wrote:People are just disappointed because the event is not the way they wanted it. I am too, I think we needed more certainty about the bosses that are actually worth killing. Nonetheless, I am still happy with the current event, so far we have gotten garanak 6, smolach 6 and spider 6.

We don't camp the bosses and I think it is ridicoulus to even consider this a camping event with 129 different spawn places, just check the spawn points more frequently with camper toons or just run yourself. And yes we have competition that is capable of killing those events.

As for the lower level bosses, I am pretty sure that the EG clans do not care at all about them and will not actively camp them with the sole purpose to prevent lower levels from getting the gear. Other bosses are far more important and ask yourself, are you actively camping bosses you don't need? Are you actively camping meteoric bosses? Of course not. We kill them because we stumble upon them or simply check them once in a while when we have time and just because we are capable of killing them. Not every single dominant clan bullies non-dominant clans, yes of course there will be exceptions but usually the majority of the clan is not like that. My clan is currently in peace with our competition and thrive to keep it that way.

That being said, happy hunting have a nice weekend everyone!

we weren't talking this event I said if there was a carnage event for just lower lvl bosses

Re: Carnage without bosses

I was so excited for this and its such a let down.

Why is this game so ridiculous low on bosses?
Even on a special weekend where there are supposed to be bossss around there is nothing.

We had 20 30 players overall today and not much to show..
Its like OTM is shooting itself on the foot.

Pls we want more bosses. More bosses. More bosses.

And pls rethink lock mechanism and distribution of loot. In some other games anyone who hits boss gets drop. Anyone.

Re: Carnage without bosses

Worst event ever lol, literally VR had 1 job... Ctrl C then Ctrl V on previous carnage then extend it to all legacies.
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Re: Carnage without bosses

At least some servers are getting bosses. All I've seen are 200/6 mono, tons of ymir, askolds, and winterkings, one skain 5, and a huge load of disappointment

Re: Carnage without bosses

This is funny..

2-3 Smolach 210 mains, smolach 200 main, 2 urchaids main, 2 gara mains, 2 natan mains, osan/5, natan/5 and some other stuff.

Not too shabby.. Its just a bit ironic that Bele which was mostly in favor of delaying the carnage gets the bosses. Then again, another week of feedbacks would possibly fix that ;)
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