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Re: Celtic heroes on mobile data

IKFROMMABON wrote:So would people recommend using a VPN then? Celtic heroes on iPhone is kicking me off game every 5 minutes, very annoying. Trying to find a solution. Problem only occurs right after updates and usually lasts 3-4 weeks :/

From what I read using a vpn is risky especially if it's a free one. The one aileron mentioned, Betternet, is known to download malware. Tbh imma just stay away from vpns and wait for otm to fix this
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Re: Celtic heroes on mobile data

I don't see how a vpn would effect any change. All a vpn does is block the info of where you are going and doing online. Isp will know you are using so much bandwidth but they won't know where its being used. Only way a vpn would affect anything is if you were on a network where gaming bandwidth is throttled or where you were on a network that was blocking ch and a vpn would hide u were gaming, and just show that u were using bandwidth. Ch usage is very low at that, so color me confused.
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Re: Celtic heroes on mobile data

They are probably gonna try to fix it Monday, right now, their probably clapping each other on the back to their *success*. I can't see how otm would leave this problem over the weekend tho:/
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