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So it's been months since we first reported the lag that we experience when we try and kill some bosses.

Today on fingal we tried killing gelebron again and 4 elixirs later, still no kill. The lag was erratic. It went away and then came back and the same process just kept on going on and on.

Please do not ask me to send a ticket through the in game support services because after a previous attempt I did and I didn't a response.

It's been What, 3 months or so since this lag has been reported to you guys over and over again.,. Muldar appeared at a raid to "see what the issue is" and still nothing from you guys about this being sorted out. It is most frustrating a discouraging to have gelebron town to 1% of health and then have it all screwed over because of the lag.

What more do we need to do in order to get a response from you guys regarding this ?
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