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Re: If I Made a New YouTube Channel...

Sir Blaze333 wrote:If I made a new YouTube channel and uploaded Celtic Heroes videos, would you watch? And if you would, what kind of content would you like to see?
Just to get this out of the way, I am not a beta tester.

I would watch them. And since I would watch them, I would want them to be a series entitled Dal Riata's Funniest Videos, covering funny moments and humorous glitches in the game.
Each week, people would send you their funny captured moments in CH, and you would play the best of them on national television and announce the winner.
Before announcing the winner, you would name the three finalists and replay their videos, the camera displaying their happy faces. Then just as you announce the winner, the camera captures the reaction of the winner and his/her family.

The winners would receive a fabulous weekend at the Lirs Reach Inn, including unlimited drinks and free dancing lessons.
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Re: If I Made a New YouTube Channel...

I would watch, I always enjoy seeing CH on social platforms arena wars would be cool and maybe raid kills or toon builds
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Re: If I Made a New YouTube Channel...

I'd watch even though your in the opposite clan haha, I think it would Be nice and bring more players to Rhiannon. I would like to see advance stuff you know about the game for playing so long , maybe cool boss drops , make a new alt and see how far you can go on a budget without spending plat in certain time ect.

Re: If I Made a New YouTube Channel...

Really enjoy Bitey's videos but its a shame it doesn't come with commentary.

I would watch your videos of you came with the production quality of Bitey, decent commentary, and regular content.

Clan lock battles, clan raids, clan bossing, clan events, clan fun, PVP, castle fun, farming, class discussions, drop discussions, build discussions, inventory videos, player profiles, interviewing forum members or clannies, would love to see all of this and more.

Best of luck, xoxo
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