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How did you find CH?

I am interested to find out how everyone discovered this game considering there are limited ads about CH. Personally, I joined back in December 2011-January 2012 when a friend suggested the game to me and I have loved it ever since. I feel like many people who play CH have discovered it in similar circumstances as me however I could be wrong.

Re: How did you find CH?

i googled "Best android MMORPGs." I checked them all out and was drawn in by how similar this game is to the original NWN (very). I enjoyed that game a lot. I enjoy this very much.
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Re: How did you find CH?

Was told about it by a friend one December afternoon and fell In love lol
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Re: How did you find CH?

I looked up MMO on the App Store the day I got my (now very old) new iPad, clicked on CH and downloaded.... been active ever since :lol:
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