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Re: iOS 10 and CH issues

benbrook wrote:Anyone else getting constant crashes? I've never had issues until this upgrade.

nah me, ive noticed it being better and faster, actually. maybe check your storage?
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Re: iOS 10 and CH issues

I have not upgraded to 10 due to all the issues surrounding the initial release. however I have had numerous crashes on all devices using all operating systems from 7 through 9. Newer devices crash less but there is a memory or process issue where performance degrades over time, even on iphone 6s+ and ipad air 2. What has worked in the past for those issues is double tap home button, swipe CH off, hold lock button, turn off device, then start it up and start up CH. Instead of swiping off the device you can alternatively hold the home button which will clear the cache but that dosent work nearly as well for the issues I have been having.
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