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Sharpshot is not a free damage skill

I'm making this post after repeatedly being told during the patches and updates over last few months that Sharpshot has finally been made into a free damage skill (i.e it does not interrupt your auto attack).

Initially, around the time of the Destiny release, it was the animation of the skill that interrupted your auto. Admins said multiple times you attack through the animation, but players knew this was not the case.
More recently, after the last ranger buff (Here are the patch notes) we were told that animations are only registered on the client, and the actual server-side damage continues to stack absent interruption (See this post by Muldar)

Again, this is simply not the case. Sharp shot is not a free damage or true insta-cast skill.

EDL bow while hasted has an attack speed of 1120 milliseconds or ≈ 1.1 seconds. This means that in 10 seconds you should be able to hit 9 times. Testing shows that this is indeed the case (as always, counting damage numbers, not animations)

Now if sharpshot was a true insta-cast skill and did not interrupt you, that means in those very same 10 seconds, you would be able to still hit 9 autos, but ALSO cast sharpshot. Simple testing shows that in order for 9 auto damage + 1 sharpshot damage to be dealt, it takes around 12 seconds. NOT 10 seconds as it should be.

Testing by both casting sharpshot as a first attack (before any other attacks) and a middle attack (casting after an auto) yield the same results.

9 autos + 1 sharpshot takes 12 seconds. Not 10 seconds, like it should.

12 seconds actual - 10 seconds theoretical = 2 seconds difference. This leads me to believe that by casting sharpshot, you replace ≈ 2 of your auto attacks with the damage of a single skill, which on bosses is frequently evaded, and, when it lands, does about the same damage of an auto anyways.

So is sharpshot even supposed to be insta-cast? It clearly is not, and never has been.
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Re: Sharpshot is not a free damage skill

Ranger skills are a joke. The only offense skill worth using obviously is double shot + quiver skill. I would start using sharp, barbed, explosive, etc. if they managed to make them instant cast without interruption of auto attacks. Seriously screw the animations, legit. Then again, this is why I love my rogue and truly believe it should remain on top in terms of DPS. I'd advise any rangers unhappy with their inability to compete with me to go make a rogue. Lol
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Re: Sharpshot is not a free damage skill

Now...i did a test after the "dex buff" with ss.
I should mention that the test was done with SUPER and not with hero haste. And that my build is maily str.
Test was for 30 sec i used only autos and then for 30 sec i used autos and ss.
Results were that in 30 sec i casted 19 autos without ss.
And in 30 sec i casted 18 autos and 3 ss.
Its not true insta cast but if using super hastes its worth the using of ss. Same if u use rapid. But if u use hero haste i believe Jake is right.
This problem comes to show us once again how otm thinks that their paying customers are complete morons and cant check for themselves even the simplests of things in this game.
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