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New engine


My fellow heroes. You need to calm down and relax a bit about this new update/engine. Remember when Rome II: Total War first came out? those who got the game preordered or right away were downright ticked off most royally. The game was super buggy and had all sorts of problems. Well guess what.

With such a big overhall of the entire game for iOS, OTM had to put their game in the same position. The new engine is laggy, like R2TW, even after beta- JUST LIKE OTHER GAMES (R2TW is just the best and most recent example).

So relax. Its cool. Let OTM work it out. Best of all, HELP them work it out by reporting bugs and lag and things like that. Its the fastest way to getting this game back on track!
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Re: New engine

Rome II Total War was a stand alone strategy game. Its not a proper analogy to compare it to an MMO being played already and all of a sudden an upgrade cut off thousands of its players. The transistion to the new engine was certainly a big problem, but this was already obvious in beta when testers with low end devices complained about crashing. It was just never fixed.

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