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Great 200 event boss tip

i know how the new idols suck and even if put most of points in vitality it doesn't make a difference and you get 1 hit by aoe because idols heal 1k only. ive noticed that its better to go to the leystone and ride a mount back because you get half health back and on way back your sigils heal the rest of your health and takes less time than 20 sec timer. And not to mention you arent using 100 plus idols per boss.
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Re: Great 200 event boss tip

Easiest way is have dps group with tank and 2 druids with appropriate buffs, second group have other cpl druids, dps and add tank, and if theres a third well Mages and rangers don't need(most the rogues in my clan log their alt to save the hassle and just kill it, easierish)
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Re: Great 200 event boss tip

i also bought about 5k idols but only use the new ones anyway lol, problem with the druids idea you need druids in ea dps group while another 4-5 druids in tank idk about other worlds but gwyidon dosent have heaps and heaps of druids we have a fair few but still dps will be dieing
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Re: Great 200 event boss tip

P1R4HN4 wrote:
Armo wrote:Either use sanctuary/natures breath in DPS groups, or run away when boss starts casting AoE.

Worry about your reliance on idols rather than fixing idols.


Thankfully the game is moving toward actually needing druids in groups. Maybe more people will actually play them.

However if you have 2000+ health sigs as a rogue you can still just tank it out and step back for sigil breaks and don't need one.
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