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+2 Master Weapon Mobs

Yesterday I found a Connacht Blade Lord Apprentice http://youtu.be/UoayBYNUFIw

It made me wonder if anyone else has found any of the master weapon mobs that drop +2 skill weapons. Here are the locations we know of so far:

Master Blade of Victory - Connacht Blade Lord
Greygorge - Walks along river from Carlow the killer to the bridge.

Master Dagger of Shadows
- Shalemont Ribbonsword Area - Just to the East of Malus the Serpent, there is a large tree along the river in the area where the Ribbonswords are. There is a Connacht mob that walks just to the south of this tree.
- Mob that walks a few steps west of Greywall.

Master Underseer's Staff
Crookback Hollow - In Bonehead's room, the mob in the back right corner that doesn't move.

Master Staff of the Stars - Connacht Spiritseed
Mob by Redbane

Master Wand of Secrets
Rare spawn located next to Issian Firecry (at the tower near greygorge).

Master Mace of the Crusher
Mob that walks basically in a straight line from below Klondur to the tree in front of Welwan Greywall

Bow of the Avenger - Connacht Avenger
Staircase near atrisal, top step

Master Bow of the Avenger
Spawns near the the Connacht Gallgolatches near Wrolf at Greygorge, behind the tents.

Master Lurker's Bow - Crookback Lurker
Outside Crookback, to the left of the entrance, there is a mob that stands near the rocks and does not move.

Does anyone know any more locations? Post your info and/or screenshots below :)

*edited to add new locations*
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Re: +2 Master Weapon Mobs

Master Mace of the Crusher, 36 crush 20 vit +2 pummel

Pretty sure this spawn was in the vicinity of Greywall, where the spear and lance guys are.
I can confirm this, the guy walks basically in a straight line from below Klondur to the tree in front of Welwan Greywall.
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Re: +2 Master Weapon Mobs

I got a rare weap yesterday, it was a few steps west of Greywall. It dropped a master dagger of the shadows. 23 pierce, 2000 att speed, +2 quickstrike, +20 dex

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Re: +2 Master Weapon Mobs

I know thee Connacht bow guy spawns on the stairs leading up to the castle. I think he's called the Master Avenger or he drops the Bow of the Avenger. I haven't seen him in a long time, so his name and the drop name may not be correct.
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