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Hey admin, we have ideas for you, Halloween 2011

This started out as a simi rant but you can just read some of the comments to see the ideas ds came up with.. I think you should do that.

Admin this is exactly what im talking about.... Other clans and groups of people hog the bosses... We cannot group to kill them because there groups are always lvl 70+ and hog the boss spawns.. Literally they just sit there. The idea of having rares in the game so so that in 5 or so years that they are rare... These items should be available to everyone...the point of the hallowed patch is not to have bosses to kill to get the stuff..... It needs to be a stupid little quest... Like
Talk to death:
Death says to go collect 5 pumpkins and bring them to him... The end... Then.... You have your Halloween event items and you go back to whatever you where doing.
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Re: Why do I have to explain everything? Halloween 2011

Your idea from your "The Blue Phat effect" bit you in the butt, didn't it?

Well the one whole thing I dislike about the "effect" in the topic you were talking about is because of what it does. If those items are tradable, then people hoard them to a point where in the future, yes, they become worth a ton. Then those people by far have the advantage of wealth and ability to get anything they want easily, just because they found out earlier about the game.

Now THAT'S unfair. What you're complaining about right now is not being AS rich "in game" in the future because you're unable to kill some stuff... kinda sketchy.

Personally if you just want the idea of standing out to other people in the future, the items shouldn't be tradable, which is what I think should be done. But oh well, it's just the future players' loss. We shouldn't care. (sarcasm btw.)

I like dsgrendar's suggestion of the items from the big lv 70 and 90 bosses be obtainable every year, because thats an extreme of the monsters requiring the highest levels. Not just something thats easy to get.

THOUGH one thing I do want changed is how often the bosses spawn. I mean really, the Pumpkin boss has 20 people killing it yet only one person gets the heart, making the people at the level or higher to kill it unable to obtain it ever. Maybe once every 10 minutes or less instead, instead of once in a blue moon.

Re: Why do I have to explain everything? Halloween 2011

i love halloween in rhiannon an we are suppose to wait around for the low levels to level i think not, the patch was created for all levels if you cant fight a boss then i suggest you go level in stone or shall or lirs an come back an fight the giant bosses as we hav in our clan and in designed groups we hav destroyed them more times than we can count and intend to continue with our halloween fun, quests, and killing of the giant bosses

as admin said
We designed the Halloween event so there was something for all levels.

Level 1 players can kill the pumpkinheads and collect pumpkins to get their pumpkin helm
level 10-20 players can kill the witches and get their witches hats, and also get potions from the potion quests
Level 30-40 players can get their pumpkin wand via the quest
high level players and clans can take on the bosses and get powerful and rare items

Hope you have fun during the event, we currently plan to run it until 8th November.
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Re: Why do I have to explain everything? Halloween 2011

Ds... If they where to allow the armor and stuff to be dropped every Halloween that would be cool and I'd totally be fine with waiting till next year for my armor set.. I just don't like the idea of me starting this game a week or 2 ago and then some awesome 1 time armor be dropped and I can't get it then if I'm playing this game for a long time and a couple years later I'm lvl 1000000 or whatever the max combat lvl is.. But I would be wanting that armor... And just cuz I can't kill it now doesn't mean I'll always be a low lvl.. By the way.. I'm buying every pumpkin hat and witches hat if you want to sell any to me.

Re: Why do I have to explain everything? Halloween 2011

That's why I think the prizes for brooms were ok and the strong bosses (They can be obtained every year). If not now you can receive them next year. Maybe the admin also likes this Idea.

This year 2011:
Pumpkin head
Witch hat
and the pumpkin wand

Armor, necklaces, Broom

Next year 2012:
three Other items

Armor, necklaces, Broom
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