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We should all start over together.

Hear me out. We all find a completely empty(I'm assuming by now there's at least 1) server and we all go start fresh? Yes you will lose you many years of progress, but itll do some players some good to start over. New players a chamce to keep up. Idk just an idea, Any thoughts?

I know i know we've got to wait for the servers to actually come back first.

Re: We should all start over together.

I would be all for it! Would be nice to have some leveling partners and actually group for more then just raid/DL/edl bosses. Would be nice is there was some new content rolled out. Unfortunately I just caught all my relics for my T6 bear and am lvl 189 fishing lol. Took me years to catch all the relics. I guess if everyone started over then their would be a lot more relics to buy.

Re: We should all start over together.

Absolutely not no, no way, nu uh, nope, non, nein, spent waaaay too long on our accounts grinding ourselves into an early grave to just start all over again from scratch, worst part about it for me is I just found a very rare bow from a very rare boss that fetches a very nice price of 1mil minimum and when they roll back the servers that will probably be gone, sorry but I am totally against starting again

Re: We should all start over together.

I'm not keen on throwing 10 years of my life away lol, there is always a charm to starting a new char tho with no outside help
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