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Remove pvp

This event has literally come down to people wall glitching and everyone else spamming aoe. 90% of the players dont event step foot into the arena until the skele is dead than have to run through a wall of people standing at the entrance waiting to kill anyone who trys to reenter. Those that wallglitch (cough epona.) are getting all the drops while the rest of us just sit through a miserable event since, yet again, vr blows off player advice/wants and just does it theyre way yet again. My clan was one of the lucky ones that got a drop this event, many cant say the same though. Whole servers have already stopped showing up bc they cant ve arsed to fight for something they know they cant win. But if you remove pvp? Everyone has a shot. Its whoever does the best dps, not whoever gets lucky to not be hit by endless aoe’s or glitches into a wall

Re: Remove pvp

maybe if every server worked as a server instead of individual clans in 1 server competing against themselves for it then again if you guys attempted to work together with other clans in your server you'd all be complaining as-well that a weaker clan in your server got the drop.
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Re: Remove pvp

That's kind of the point of it they stopped us from grouping other servers for a reason. The arena is not a friendly place you will be killed and greifed endlessly in dirty and unfair ways. Personally I say let us be Hellions to those of us that love PvP xD but a "friendly zone" with a copy of the boss wouldn't hurt except that'd be a potentially big income of drops to the same one server some would say, others would disagree including myself. It won't hurt anything to add a second copy in a friendly arena for loot in fact it'd give those who are shut out of endgame clans the chance to get some good endgame gear.

Re: Remove pvp

I love the arena :lol: And i love the event in the arena.
Its fun killing noob players :lol:

P.S. Dont remove pvp in arena. Only noob players will ask to remove pvp. Die noobs die. Noobs just never dies.

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