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Petition for Dino drops to be mailed to clans that lost Dino due to poor reset notife

In the past, when OTM messed up and gave insufficient notice resulting in boss raids from being incomplete, they would provide random drops to the clan leaders if there was proof that the boss was basically going to die.

The reset the other day was horribly managed. A 2 hour window during the rough 2 hour window that Dino’s were respawning on every world, and only 5 minutes notice with no representative from VR actively checking forums for a request to hold off reset.
On top of this, threads criticizing VR have been deleted from the forums. On 3rd party groups this has been drummed up to the same containment policies being done with WH, in which VR doesn’t want others to see angst from their player base. Whatever the reason, pushing off communication with your original game and just deleting posts doesn’t send a strong message that VR is capable of running both games simultaneously.

Anyways, back on topic. Per the petition here is a screenshot of proof that relentless of Gwydion should have gotten our Dino killed during that event, I have a recording as well should this not be believed. I invite other servers to share as well!

Feel free to pm me about anything or talk to me in game :D
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