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Re: Ancient Res Idols

Had a little over 10k when the switch happened, about 1.5k now. They aren't worth much on lugh, like 200-300g per. I sold the other 9k back when I needed gold to merch, but now that I don't have gold issues they are sitting on a bank alt of mine.

Usewise they are eh, I just use normal idols. People like to say they are good for tanks, which is true, BUT if the tank is dieing there's likely a much bigger issue present then your idol choice.
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Re: Ancient Res Idols

Due to sigils I am pretty much fine not having any. The moment I use one my sigils kick in and add 3k HP so its not all bad. I mean, if you're a tank thats a different story. However I understand how sometimes there aren't druids areound and you might try to kill a 200 EDL 6* without one then it might be a pain but thats just ya fault for being impatient I guess.
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