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Re: Exp/gold event this weekend

Its a random fun event ._.
I think it's fine as is lel
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Re: Exp/gold event this weekend

(Thanks for clarifying Eragon, I never got around to explaining any numbers did I? lol)

I like the idea, it's a fun new twist on "double xp" and I'm interested to see if they play with group mechanics more in the future (there have been numerous ideas about ways to tweak grouping, and I wonder if this isn't a preliminary test).

And yeah, a straight up double (or 1.5) xp event might be easier, but I really like this idea and think it'll make group leveling more efficient.
And really it just encourages people to think about grouping efficiency more as it is now; you're really best off with as many people as it takes to kill as much as possible (upper limit being if you kill everything too fast and gotta sit around and wait for it to come back).

As for eliminating the group division and make it a group multiplier, that sounds great but that would turn power-leveling into a crazy xp dump; you could fill a group up with low levels and a single 180 and clean house in carrow (you can do this already, but the current diminishing return and effort required means you gotta coordinate with a lot of peoples).

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Re: Exp/gold event this weekend

I think this event gave us a good look into what it would be like if you got the same amount of exp per mob while in a larger group as you would solo. With a group of 2 we were getting a little less exp per mob than we would solo, and then with 3 it was a little less than a group of 2. Still decent amounts of exp for a group of 3. It definitely made leveling more engaging because who you leveled with didn’t matter as much as before. I leveled with an average geared Druid 5 levels higher than me (because I couldn’t find anyone my level as expected lol) and we were getting good exp even though we weren’t really killing all that fast (still faster than solo though) because she was an average geared Druid while I was underleveled... I got more exp than I would have solo which is great. Without the double bonus there would be no way I would have grouped up with her and I would go solo instead because the exp would have sucked lol.

With the 3rd person things slowed down a little bit because the bonus started to kick in again and we were seeing less/slower exp because I was underleveled and the other two didn’t have the greatest gear setup. I still would have liked to see double exp instead lol
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Re: Exp/gold event this weekend

Zkills wrote:Where’s the love for singles? ,_, Lol but seriously, finding a lixing partner who can lix with you for significant periods of time let alone finding someone the same level as you who can log at the same time you can isn’t exactly the easiest task on an inactive server ._. (Plus solo lixing is just so much better and efficient. Waiting on others is annoying)

Just make it double exp/gold regardless ;) show some love to the singles (plenty of them here ._. ).

Know the day is passed but errrr, enjoy :D
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