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New Player Questions

I just installed this game today and spent a couple of hours on this (lvl 7)

I am very much impressed.

Before I proceed seriously I would like to know some answers and would appreciate response from longtime players for my questions.

a) Does this game have the concept of Auction House or similar ?

b) Which server has higher population ?. I am in Sydney timezone if it helps

c) Which class is beginner friendly ? I personally like Druid (healing spell) and Rogue (stealth ambush..i love it )

d) Is leveling/questing solo friendly ?. I am not interested in dungeons or raiding or heavy stuff...more of a loner casual player who groups for occassional questing
If this game requires me to be grouped to tackle even non-dungeon content, do let me know

e) I am willing to spend about $20/month .I will be playing only one character to max. Would that be monetary investment be enough for me to level one character decently ?

f) Also does this game have a central plot or lore to keep me connected with it ?

Thanks in advance mates :)

Re: New Player Questions

Hey there, welcome to Celtic Heroes - glad you are enjoying it so far!

In regards to your questions, here's my best attempts at answers ;)

A - yes, the game does have an auction house. It is located in Farcrag Castle, near the banking system.

B - Epona likely has the highest population of any server, though depending on who you ask, they may be getting fairly close to overpopulated, which may or may not make it more challenging to play on.

C - I'd say that either Ranger or Warrior is likely to be more new player friendly. Rogues are nice (quite high and fast damage), but also tend to struggle slightly for survivability as the game goes on. Druids have survivability covered, but their damage is a bit lower which makes leveling a little slower - also when a mob attacks you, it can interrupt skills, which might cause you to die occasionally because your heals get interrupted! Rangers are fairly well-rounded, their damage is decent, and they have a fairly good heal skill (light heal) which helps them survive. Warriors are quite tanky, letting them soak up a decent amount of damage, and they also do pretty good damage as well.

D - leveling in the game is quite friendly to both single players as well as small groups. Both have pros and cons - leveling solo tends to be better (you can do it whenever you want to!) but it also means that you have to handle the mobs completely solo - if you die in a fight, the mob resets. With a group, you can combo up with other players to increase damage and survive longer, as well as kill faster - however, you need to find people to level with first. Later on, there are bosses that do require a group to kill in order to progress the main questline gear. Depending on your server, you might be able to get away with being fully solo (Epona for example could work), though most of the time you would want to be in a Clan, so you can more easily ask for some help to tackle the boss.

E - Yes and no. The game doesn't require you to spend money on it in order to get to endgame, but it does help speed up the process quite a bit. There are consumable items (that you can buy from the premium store or other players) that increase your xp gains by 4 times, which become very helpful as the game goes on (especially around the 100 mark). If you buy platinum (the premium currency), usually the best way to spend it is on the event chests, which can usually be resold to players for a lot of gold (depending on server).

F - there is a pretty interesting plotline for the first 70 levels or so. After that, the game gets a little sparse with the story - there's a lot more grinding levels than questing.

Hope this helps ya out!
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Re: New Player Questions

To expand a bit on the above:
B. Epona is easily the most populated but gear can get expensive especially late game

C. Any class isn’t necessarily a bad choice, but some suit different play styles. Rogues are fun but squishy and are a fairly popular class so gear tends to be somewhat harder to get later on. Druids are the polar opposite; good heals, low damage, meaning they’re a great asset to have, but hard to level. They’re less common than most classes and gear tends to be easy to come by. Mages are a fun elemental caster but can have armor issues and are most effective in group leveling. (War and range were pretty well covered above, and I would agree with what Era said)

D, F. For the first bit of the game you can get by on your own, but at some point there is going to be a set of quests that you’ll have difficulty completing on your own. Being in a clan is great for these cause it means you can share what quest items you don’t need and get others’ extras. Also, the social aspect of the game is very important. The people are what make it the most fun, so it’s always recommend to make some friends and get to know the top clans on your server.

E. Eragon is absolutely right on chests etc. but one thing that is nice to emphasize is that all premium items are obtainable without buying platinum; someone buys chests (with plat), which drop goodies, which they then sell to the rest of the server (so you can get all of the above with just gold). Some people go out of their way to avoid spending money to say that they’re a “free player”, but some people have found that a few bucks now and again really makes life easier (and then they’re the millionaires who cash dump lol). All up to you, but just clarifying.

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Re: New Player Questions

To expand a bit on the above even further

B. Yes Epona is by far the most popular server, although it is getting overpopulated really fast. An alternative server that might suit your play style would be Rhiannon, as they’re the same as Epona as far as I know and they seem to be doing just fine.

C. As mentioned, ranger and warrior are probably the most beginner friendly classes. Rogues, mages and druids are better off being played by veteran players with a lot of resources. Out of the two classes, I would definitely say ranger. I’ve played both warrior and ranger and I had an easier time doing solo content with a ranger. Bolas, camouflage and light heal are your three best friends as a solo player (rapid shot is also a great skill) and make questing solo without a heavy use of plat items incredibly easy. Also energy becomes a big problem for any class you choose, but since rangers mostly rely on auto attacks for dps, you’ll find yourself using less energy than you would on a more skill dependent class.

D. If you choose a server like Epona or Rhiannon then yes, it is possible to play the game without grouping once. Only exception would be the floor bosses to progress onto the next level of gelebrons tower (I’ve tried soloing them as a ranger, and while some are possible, the ranged ones like wizards are not). Raiding on servers like Epona is a lot more casual while other servers turn raiding into a hardcore feature that requires a lot of your time and dedication. Leveling solo might prove to be a challenge the higher level you get, but it’s definitely possible (assuming you go with ranger) if you’re willing to invest into resources like restoration pots and utilize light heal.

E. I wouldn’t advise buying $20 of plat. You’ll get the most by a long shot from $100. Buying $100 worth of plat every 5 months would work a lot better for you.
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