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Patch Notes 3.6.0 (Yuletide 2019)

Hello Heroes,

Below are the changes made to the game as of December 23rd, 2019. Link to Previous Patch Notes (3.5.1B)

Yuletide 2019
  • Brrrr! Snow has begun to fall in the Castle and Lir's Reach!
  • Everfrost Mystery Chest is now available for purchase with a chance to obtain the Festive Reindeer!
  • Legacy Yule Fashion and Novelties are available in the Everfrost Mystery Chest
  • Faelan O Laighin needs your help to recover stolen presents from Greedy Goblins. She can be found at the fountain in Farcrag Castle.


  • Festive Reindeer - This cheerful reindeer is available for a limited time in the Everfrost Mystery Chest.
  • Reindeer Skill: Polar Shield - Heals you for a small amount and grants you a shield to absorb damage from incoming attacks for 10 seconds. It scales with your ability level.
  • Reindeer Stat Bonus: Strength and Vitality are increased by 20/40/80/120/180/240.
  • Reindeer Ability Bonus: Fortitude and Willpower are increased by 150/300/450/600/750/1000
  • Reindeer Scholar Bonus: Scholar ability is increased by 200/400/600/800/1000/1500

  • The follow recipes have been permanently added to the Recipe Vendor: Sunshine Casserole, Spicy Fruit Salad, Minty Fruit Salad, Honey Fruit Salad.
  • The merry Gel Fiorun has taken temporary residence in the Tavern and is looking to adventurers to help him create new Yule dishes.
  • Once Gel has taught you a new recipe, you will always be able to cook it - as long as you have the ingredients for it.

Bug Fixes
  • Players should no longer get stuck in a Global Zone.
  • Players will no longer have an infinite loading screen when entering certain servers.
  • Resolved an issue where accounts would be stuck online indefinitely.
  • Resolved an issue that caused in increased CPU load which resulted in lag when casting skills or hotswapping.

- The Celtic Heroes Team

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