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Re: when we all doing witch agaian

ranger123 wrote:set a time so we can all gather for witch

Nah, only like 3 servers get drops. No point for most servers anyways lol.
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Witch raid? Funny

Hi, bringing back the witch serves no purpose to anyone. Bringing back the witch makes no sense it was up for a full month before she went away shopping on black friday. Regarding the shopping bit, surely she shopped for some dino,bt and gele bracelets, amulets and rings to drop. To drop when she’s dead. Witch is not going to get killed anytime soon unless there’s a reward for killing the witch aswell. It does not have to be endgame loot but it could be some sexy fashion which would make any guy gay.
This was a great idea too, very different from other bosses, but servers who has a large amount of player base has the upper hand in this. (Epona). Henceforth why they got the most drops during mono event they showed up with 50 to every mono.
It would be way better if the Witch was removed. And a other boss was added to a completely new zone with no pvp so every server can have 8v8 lock battles no solo lock Bs.
This will award the best server in terms of dps skill etc, but if there should be loot disturbution to every server. Put in 3 bosses in the new zone who has similar hp to Gele/bt so they can lock fight.
Also by writing this i completely wasted my time. Because witch is not getting removed ._.
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Re: Witch raid? Funny

I have found the whole arena boss things quite boring and hard because of the hard lag.

This could have been a great idea and personally I don’t know how to change it for the best, but feeling frustration from slow movement being killed by invisible foes and not being able to use all skills for fear of killing team/clan mates or helper isn’t fun either.

I hope there can be a rethink on the idea soon.
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Re: Witch raid? Funny

How about not anytime soon. Server issues need to be addressed and handled before ever making something like this.
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Re: Witch raid? Funny

Problem is that pvp is heavily flawed without being adressed for years. Suddenly VR wants to rely on pvp for a new boss?

Fix pvp first and this could actually be fun. Increase the duration of duels, fix lag, nerf aoe or make then not stack. Maybe if you get hit by an aoe, you are immune to other aoe for 5 seconds ( or this might be the concept for some new loot...).

The idea is nice, but to be honest, the implementation straight up sucked.

Re: Witch raid? Funny

Wolvekiller wrote:Agree in that it should be in a non-pvp zone so different servers can go full 8vs8.

Then we can see who has the best server dps

Some servers/clans would clearly have an advantage over others... you’ll see the same results as you see now, people won’t see a point in even trying if they’re going to lose. In a PvP zone those players atleast have a chance if they focused on killing the opposing clan to make them lose lock. Sadly though, PvP is too unbalanced so there is no good solution other than to fix PvP and large scale encounters (no, nerfing AoEs is not a fix. Mages are squishy which puts them at a disadvantage already). If anything AoEs keep things balanced because if mages don’t cast AoEs then melee would completely dominate on obelisks since they take divine damage.
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