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New Arena Witch Coven Boss Lady Bheara

Nice boss! The Samhain recent update we are faced with a boss that what looks like servers that have to band together to kill?
So far the information I've compiled is that it hits a lixed tank for 9-10k and others for upwards of 20k. One cant receive druid buffs or group other servers. Not sure how this boss is to be done but lets get some suggestions!
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Re: New Arena Witch Coven Boss Lady

Furyion wrote:Large numbers and/or kiting(if range can be abused idk)

Note we also can't use items either, but you can lix/bara before heading into the arena at least. AOEs will also have to be avoided.

Boss seems to have a relatively small kiting range, similar to the usual glad that spawns there.

Pvp factors complicate the raid as well, mage aeos, diminished buffs, cant group people outside your server.

And haven’t even discussed the drop from the boss yet... i guess a ffa at 2% hp? Or does one server bring a whole raid group to the arena?

To the devs, with 2 pages I already noticed a significant amount of lag. Thats on an iphone 8. Cant imagine how it will be with 4-5 pages of servers competing for the witch boss.

Re: New Arena Witch Coven Boss Lady Bheara

Difinitus wrote:I got to spend some time with players in the Arena and written down a bunch of notes players have shared with me and what I experienced myself. We'll make some adjustments and other suggestions to balance Bheara out.

Thank you for listening to our feedback and hopefully there will be a suitable fix for Bheara (short name Bhea?) coming soon.

Re: New Arena Witch Coven Boss Lady Bheara

The boss is actually very easy to kill. If we all manged to bring 50 bashers, then we should never need to worry about how hard the boss hits, it should never get the chance to hit, frankly.

However, it's a lot to undertake to FFA loot, and even if there's a chance at Dino loot and BT loot, we're probably fighting each other for bottom of the barrel Royal and Majestic garbage. Even then, wasting everyone's time if we can't all have an opportunity at the drops.

Why should we care to help another server other than our own? And if one server could solo it, then why not place the boss in Lirs instead? That way each server takes their time on it without the chance to be wiped from competitors.

Don't get me wrong, we'll kill it once maybe twice just to prove we can all band together and do it, but it will become increasingly obvious that the majority are going to get a slap on the wrist as their prize for putting in hard work.

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Re: New Arena Witch Coven Boss Lady Bheara

This boss is pretty easy, but player factors and some other M.O with boss make it difficult.
First of all : Remove pvp from the arena while boss is still on, remove buff on druids so they can heal other players.
Drops : most players really don't want to invest time and energy om this boss bcos of the uncertainty of the drops and since we can't group other servers an alternative would be that the :
Boss should drop alot of gold and three random items as usual and players who hit above a total dmg of 10k locks on to boss this way everyone will keep trying to hit more than 10k dmg so they can get the drop and players who do not hit up to 10k or more gets locked out, players that hit the most damage get the items that the boss drops while others get gold. If VR can try this or better it will really help. :)

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