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Re: Virtual Reality

It’d be an interesting experience but I’d think it’d be difficult considering all the buttons that CH has (at least that’s my understanding based on my experience with VR). Plus the graphics just don’t exactly fit in my opinion... again, though, it’s an interesting idea I just don’t think it fits the game very well.

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Re: Virtual Reality

It’s a neat idea, though I don’t think it would work out. There’s a reason OrbusVr is pretty much the only MMO available on VR...though I found a neat one called A Township Tale that seems pretty interesting too.

It may be possible, of course, though it would probably mean at the very least a new server, with a lot of base gameplay changes. Anyone playing in VR would likely be miles behind even the newest player on mobile simply in moving and attacking, unless an ingenious method of handling skills and movement can be created (movement is tricky enough in VR, imagine trying to run at 100% speed in VR without vomiting, even if you can normally avoid motion sickness!).

Even if VR somehow found the money to go through the effort of making it (probably pretty much from scratch) I don’t think the game would have much interest. Perhaps 5-10 years down the road, after a couple more generations of VR, the tech might be popular and cheap enough to have a large enough following that might allow it to work.

I really like VR (I have the Rift S myself, and VTOLVR is the coolest game ever), but I just don’t see virtual realms turning CH into a game for any other platform. It’d be a massive job due to the amount of content for any platform port, but VR would probably be the hardest and least rewarding.
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Re: Virtual Reality

Kinda echoing Eragon here, but I think it'd be kinda cool, but not worthwhile.
It'd be neat, and I'd def play it, but I feel like CH isn't really suited for it; the casual player wouldn't really go for it, just play on phone; and the hardcore player would emulate on PC. VR wouldn't really give any benefits except immersiveness that might appeal to the big role-playing fans, but even then I feel like it would be clunky. Even if it didn't involve reconstructing most of the game (graphics engine overhaul, potentially isolated server, revised mechanics, device compatibility, licensing), I'm sure it would be a lot of effort, but not much benefit.
A PC port would be more beneficial and likely (wider appeal, active reception), but with the existence of emulators, they've said multiple times that there's no need to expand it at all.

(Don't get me wrong; if/when they ever do go VR, I'm totally gonna try it :lol:)

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