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Re: Sulis' First void gele WEP!!!

Dynamit3 wrote:Took its time definitely, wish we could trade some of our shadow bows for a void, not a single void bow yet :lol:
not like theres even abundance of shadow bows either ;-; less shadow bows than shadow axes daggers wands too :cry:
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Re: Sulis' First void gele WEP!!!

Sweefish wrote:
Eragon123 wrote:
AssasinatorCH wrote:Drops have been nice recently between the first void moon drop, Mabon's first bt helm, and this one

Cue the conspiracy theories about buffed drop rates to appease players. ;)

We got our first void dagger on Gwyd this month. Compound this with other things that have happened and I have to believe VR is listening to its community and making the changes to improve things.


Hehe that was my gele kill :D :P
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Re: Sulis' First void gele WEP!!!

Congratulations! nice to have people from same world do something! : D
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