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Glitch in Tavern Nov 02 2023 on Mabon

I can't get into the tavern from either entrance. Gets stuck on loading screen. When I back out it says can't connect to server, but I can enter with my other character with no problem.
Until I try to get into the Tavern then it's the same issue
I tried other servers and the same thing happens. Just trying to cook ! Lol
Anyone else have this problem ? Or an fix for this ?
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Re: Glitch in Tavern Nov 02 2023 on Mabon

I haven't played CH in a very long time, recently came back and started a new character up. I noticed this issue with the tavern as well, tried searching around online for solutions and learned that they made the tavern some kind of global server? It's hard to find clear information on it, but how can we know if the issue with it has been fixed?

Also, I've read that a lot of people mention they're trying to go in there to cook. Is it impossible to cook anywhere else in the world? That seems like a really strange oversight, if so. Just curious to learn more about the tavern and why it was changed the way it was if it's causing so many issues.
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Re: Glitch in Tavern Nov 02 2023 on Mabon

They broke the tavern on the ast update so they took it offline. U can cook at castle, but the NPCs that give cooking quest, sell recepie and extracts are all at tavern. Since they removed the NPCs when they took the tavern offline, you can't do those things anymore.
In addition, you can't complete the metioric weapon quest which blocks you from getting frozen, dl and edl weps also.
Been like this for almost 2 weeks now.

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