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State of the game / ideas to rejuvenate

We are all very aware of the current state of the game. Practically every server outside of Epona has maybe 100 to 200 active players (daily active players, excluding toons) and new players are becoming increasingly more rare. CH is solely kept alive by ancient players, but even they are slowly dying off. If there are no serious fundamental changes in the near future, servers will start dying off 1 by 1. With that being said, I have come up with a short list of ideas that could help rejuvenate the game, bring in new players and give the ancient players that much needed excitement that CH seems to be lacking. Please feel free to include any ideas y'all might have aswell in the comments (Maybe just maybe we can get some feedback from mods about something possibly coming in the near future).

1) Server merge

I think that this is the number one suggestion that would save this game. Merging servers would bring back a much needed sense of competition that this game hasn't seen in years and could lead to so many new opportunities and drastic changes to the current game play. A server merge could create massive power shifts, new clans, increased competition (which could lead to a much higher player retention), evolved economies and new friendships. Many people argue that one of the biggest issues with merging servers would be the change in server economies, but I believe that players would quickly adjust and that the positives drastically outweigh any negatives.

2) New maps, bosses, drops

A strong solution to the problem of player retention rates could be new content. Most players today primarily stick around because of boss raids and the possibility of extremely rare gear. If a new map were to be introduced for the endgame players, with new higher xp mobs (to make leveling at endgame more possible), new bosses (not just 1 or 2, I'm talking like fill the map with incredibly difficult/op bosses), new item drops to compliment the (now) higher leveled players and bosses, and a new main questline, then I feel old players would be more inclined to stay awhile AND this could possibly even remotivate players that may have quit to come back.

3) Advertising

This one is pretty self explanatory but I'll go into it slightly. A healthy game requires a constant flow of new players, something CH just doesn't have. I've never seen advertising of any form for this game, and I had to specifically search for it in app store to download. For a game as truly epic as CH is, it's a shame that so few people know it even exists.

4) Make the game more immersive

Cooking and fishing were very smart additions to the game, providing secondary activities players can partake in that helps the game feel fresh. Coming up with more activities will help keep the game more exciting, providing players with alternative things to do outside of just constant grinding and bossing. Some ideas include armor/weapon forging, fashion tailoring, item enchanting and potion making.

5) New character class/classes

Adding a 6th class to the game could renew interest from the older players, and provide a more immersive and personalized experience. Perhaps they could also go into the route of subclasses (auto attack rogue vs skill based rogue, fire mage vs ice mage, tank vs dps warrior) and include a few subclass specific skills, abilities and buffs/debuffs.

This is just a short list of possible changes that I believe could breathe a new life into CH. It's a shame to watch a game this beautiful slowly die. Please add any ideas you guys might have, and perhaps someone important will see this and maybe even give us some insights of the future of CH.

Re: State of the game / ideas to rejuvenate

I don’t think that new maps are needed. The game is very expansive as it is. Rather I think that an adjustment to the current mob makeup in current maps is over due.

My suggestion is to redo the beginner quest line so that once you are level 30 then you quest through shalemont ravine in a 3- 4 hour worth series of quest path to advance to level 180 and you get full DL armor. Then redo stonevale, fingal, sewers, murky, Carrow, OW to have level 180-220 mobs but all faction based. Have shops in each zone that require level 4 faction of that zone to purchase from them. Reset the shops with different gear every 3 months and reset faction to 0 at the same time. This would keep the content fresh and keep people engaged in those amazingly designed maps.

Redo Aggy, Mord, Necro, Hrung, etc to be faction bosses for those zones that drop augments for the faction gear you buy.
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