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Re: Making money in fishing

I believe you sell the fish to shop for decent amounts of gold. Particularly the fish from higher level shimmering waters, they can shop sell for a few thousand gold each.
Other income from fishing comes from pearls and sunken lockboxes, which contain most commonly small amounts of gold but also a chance for elixirs, mount/pet tokens, as well as up to 1000 plat.
The best results for making gold come post lvl 190 since you can fish higher lvl spots at faster rates.
I am still working on my fishing level and am no expert so take that with a grain of salt. But one of the guys in my clan is near 200 fishing and says he no longer has any issues needing gold because thats his main method of money-making.

If anyone knows better or can correct me in any way, please do so, as i am eager to learn as well
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Re: Making money in fishing

The question was about fishing in Celtic Heroes, not real life, but i guess you already knew that and only made the account to post that link on this forum.

How exactly do people make money from fishing? I hear from people that fishing is good money but I genuinely don’t see it.

Also what do people do with fish they catch?
Fishing shimmering spots and selling the fish you catch to a vendor does indeed gives you a lot of money. I made my first million by fishing Prized Pikes in Shalemont Ravine. That river has the highest spawn rate of Shimmering waters.
It is recommended to level up your fishing to at least 120 before starting to farm there. With the 120 rod, i could catch ~ 30 prized pikes before running out of concentration.

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