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Server Restart 12 Midday - 19/01/16

Hey Heroes,

Server restart today at 12 midday for some minor bug fixes in-game.

Proteus Spawn Time
Bug fixes to change Proteus Spawn Time to the initially designed times, he will now spawn daily.

Winter Grovehawk Mounts
Level requirement on the Exalted and Idolized Grovehawks have been lowered to keep in trend with previous events mounts 100 -> 50 (This change will not be reflected in the items text as it requires it to be changed in client).

More Rituals To Break Quest
Quest More Rituals To Break was bugged in a way that would not allow the player to hand in the quest and has now been fixed.

Still bugged, will require a client update to fix

Servers restart in 1 hour 30 minutes at 12 midday!

Finish up your bounties bosses and quests!

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