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Please note this is a moderated forum for the purposes of discussing Celtic Heroes.

The following rules and guidelines are in place to help promote a user- and player-friendly environment for everyone using these forums.

Although it may appear as though there are a large number of rules and guidelines, they are in place as a safeguard so that the forums can be kept active and relevant for the community of Celtic Heroes players.

Abusing the forums has an effect on everyone who enjoys the game, and so we ask for your cooperation and support in helping us achieve our goal of having a fun, informative, and friendly forums.

We’re always wanting to hear how we can improve the community aspect of Celtic Heroes, so feel free to post your suggestions so we can have a look at them!

Rules & Guidelines
The forum moderators and administrators have the right to edit, move, or remove any topic or post which they feel does not conform to the Forum Rules without warning, and warn or ban any user who they feel is in breach of the Forum Rules.

The forum moderators have the right to use their personal judgement if they feel a topic, post, or user is disruptive in a way not covered by the forum rules.

Please do not post regarding your banned account, actions taken by Support, or to discuss a recent Support ticket.

Do not post about locked or deleted threads, or other moderator actions. The actions of the moderators are final.

Be respectful of other players and the development team. Do not intentionally insult, publicly shame, or spread misinformation about anyone.

Please post topics in the appropriate section. For example, if you have a suggestion about the game or would like to leave some feedback about a particular aspect of the game, then please post in the Feedback and Suggestions forum. Topics which are posted in the wrong section will either be moved to the appropriate one without warning by the moderators, or removed completely.

Do not post topic titles in all capital letters, use excessive punctuation, use phrases like ‘Admin please read’, etc. in order to draw attention to your posts. Posts with such titles may be edited or deleted by the moderators.

Please do not derail topics. If you wish to discuss something new, please post a new topic instead of changing the subject in a topic that already exists.

Do not bump topics to the top of a forum without adding constructive content to the thread.

Do not post on old or out-of-date topics. Posts made in such topics may be deleted without warning, and/or the topic may be locked. If you wish to discuss something posted in an old topic please create a new topic.

Do not share your Celtic Heroes account details on the forum. This includes your username, password, and e-mail. You will never be asked for these details on the public forums.

Do not name and shame other forum users or players. This includes accusing other users of acts such as scamming, account trading, or other dishonourable behaviour, or reporting users for such actions. Users should be reported using the in-game support tool and not via the forums.

Do not create topics or posts which aim to upset, insult, or aggravate other forum users, or aim to cause unrest in the forums.

Do not spam the forums. This includes posting the same topic across multiple forums, posting multiple threads on the same or recently raised issue, or posting topics which are not coherent.

Do not post for the sake of posting or to increase your post count. All comments should contribute to the topic of discussion.

Do not post with the intention of insulting, defaming or discrediting Virtual Realms or Celtic Heroes.

This is a forum about Celtic Heroes. Please refrain from posting about or advertising other competitor games on any section of the forum. These posts are liable to be immediately deleted.

Do not post links or advertisements about commerical products or services.

The Celtic Heroes Harassment and Abusive Language Policy applies to all content posted in the forum. Please refer to this article (found here) for more information. Users who are in breach of this policy will be warned, and may have their forum accounts banned.

The use of profanities is not acceptable in the forums. Posts containing profanities will be edited, or may be deleted completely. Any attempts to circumvent the profanity filter will result in a warning or ban.

Any topics or posts which are derogatory or hateful in nature will immediately be deleted and the users warned.

Before posting a topic, please search the forums. It is possible that your query or issue has already been solved in another topic.

Users with inappropriate forum names will have their forum account suspended.

If you wish to report a post or private message, please use the ‘Report this post’ button on the relevant post or message.

Do not have images in your signature where the total size of the images is greater than 500 x 150 pixels.

And perhaps most importantly....

Have fun!
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