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Extending Event!

Posted: Mon May 23, 2022 10:57 am
by Acalos

We have a small update for you regarding the ongoing event and the problems with the attacks on our servers.

While we are still working hard on a solution to keep the servers more stable, we have decided to extend the event until the 25th of May. The free pack in our Shop is going to be redeemable until: 25. Mai 2022 08:00 CET. We are going to end the event with a planned maintenance on Wednesday at 25. Mai 2022 10:00 CET. The downtime is scheduled for 2 hours and we are aiming on bringing back the servers at 25. Mai 2022 12:00 CET.

Needless to say, this event did not turn out as planned and the whole team continues looking into different solutions to mitigate the issues we have faced. As this event did not go as planned, we are definitely doing another event once we have a little more clarity. We already received a lot of valuable feedback from the playerbase.

We once again want to thank you for your patience so far. Our top priority is the server stability. We are going to update you again once we have more information.