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Event, platinum sale and glimpse of the future

Greetings Heroes!

The time has come to kick off the first event of the year under DECA!

The event will take place from Tue May 17th, 11AM CET (2AM PDT) till Tue May 24th 9AM CET. During the event the following will take place:
  • Double Platinum earned for each purchase.
  • Spawn timers reduced to 9 hours for Dhiothu, Bloodthorn the Ravenous, Proteus Prime, Gelebron, Mordris, Aggragoth, Efnisien the Necromancer, Hrungnir.
  • 150% experience earned from combat, cooking and fishing.
  • Daily Bounty Quest limits are increased to 5 free and 10 pledges daily.
  • To celebrate the beginning of DECA’s journey with you, the following free items can be redeemed through the Special Offers store page in game. All the items are bound to the character they are redeemed with, but they do not have to be all redeemed with the same character, so you can choose freely. These items can only be redeemed during the event and not after anymore.
5x Super Knowledge Elixir
3x Heroic Elixir
2x Resurrection Idol Set
1x Book of Alteration
1x Book of Rebirth
1x Mount Whistle Set
10x Super Elixirs of Haste
3x Restoration Potion Set
20x Leystone Fragments
10x Invisibility potion

At the beginning of this event all those who participated in our cloud infrastructure beta back in March will receive their compensation, including quiz winners.

What can you expect to see in 2022?
Our team has been hard at work to stabilize the servers and build various security improvements as well. Now with a successful move to a cloud server infrastructure, we are shifting our focus to providing meaningful content for the game and want to give you a little preview.

While we are still figuring out the details and feasibility on many fronts, here are some of the things you can expect to see this year.
  • First and foremost we want to communicate more with you, to both give you visibility into what is coming, but also to get regular feedback from you. At the end of the day, many of you know this game inside out and it will take a long time for our internal team to get to that point. We will have more to share on this front in June.
  • After this first event, we will be having more regular events, not just a few per year. For now we won’t focus on creating new events and you can expect a mix of the existing ones to happen most likely on a monthly basis (not double platinum sales). We will also look into creating new types of events to keep things interesting.
  • There are various quality of life improvement ideas we have gathered and we will work on them regularly throughout the year. We haven’t nailed down the exact list, let alone a timeline. However, one of the first things we are looking into right now is how to create a guild bank system. As long as there are no significant technical hurdles, this will be one of the first things we will implement. You will hear more once we have a more solid design and have done a technical evaluation.
  • Shortly we will also implement a new customer support interface which is directly integrated into the client, allowing for a smoother customer support experience for both sides.
  • We will also be looking at various performance and stability improvements to see where we could improve the overall experience, especially on the busier servers.
  • While not our top priority, we will begin work on some new cosmetics which will be introduced sometime down the road. We are looking at a wide range of possibilities and will be asking you as well what you would like to see introduced for you to wear and show off to others.
  • Throughout all of the above we are also planning on using a beta client to get feedback from you on different topics before rolling it out to the live servers.
  • We also have plans to make something slightly bigger content wise and we are investigating the creation of a new ****. Yes, this is a teaser and we will fill in the blank a little later!
We really want to emphasize that this is a tentative plan and it is subject to changes as we learn more about the feasibility of each item and listen to your feedback. We still have a lot to learn and we want to be efficient with our time.

We look forward to delivering various improvements your way and if you have any immediate feedback, please use viewtopic.php?f=3&t=104421 thread for it.

The DECA team

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