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Dragon Demise (25.11 - 28.11)

Hello Heroes!

We're excited to announce that the event Dragon Demise will start this Friday, November 25th, and goes through the weekend until Monday, November 28th, 2022. The Celtic Heroes Servers will go down for maintenance on Friday, at 10 am CET, for approximately 1 hour.

Grab your weapons and prepare your spells, because we are going on a dragon hunt!

Mordris and Aggragoth will now call upon the aid of their elder dragon-kin Diothu to fight alongside them. During the battles of destruction, these three Monsters will have a set respawn rate of 9 hours. Due to this call for destruction within the Dragon ranks, the peaceful people all across the Celtic World will need your help once again!

Keep an eye on the Special Offers tab, as our team has prepared for you some special bundles.

Happy dragon hunting!


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