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Looking to get back into the game

Hello Mabon, after about 1 to 2 years away, I have been wanting to play CH again and finally get my lvl 195 self to 205, been sitting on a full EDL set since 2018 :3

However, all of my old bros and friends have seem to either no longer play with no means to contact them, or have no intent on returning to the game in it's current state. Hence my posting here. It may sound a little sad, but I am basically looking to make some new friends to play CH with, or maybe hoping older ones will see this post. My in-game name is YuntheCobra, I am a level 195 Druid, and am currently Clanless. For any clans that may want me, I already have all the pieces for EDL Armor in my Inventory, saving you a druid in need of Gearing, save for the Main/Offhand, and I might actually have the Mainhand pieces, I don't remember what those are. Willing to play with quite literally anyone, levels 1 to 220. I just want some people to play with. Would be nice if they where around my level so we could lix together, but like I said, basically just looking for new friends.

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