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Meteoric Armor items prices?

Well my rogue is at the stage where he's needing to upgrade his warden armor and I'm wondering how much it's going to cost to gather all the items needed to convert his warden to zodiac. Being as each server is different, I hoped someone could help me with a general cost that I can expect to pay for these items?

Here's the list..

Gloves = 3 Black Remnants of Earth + 3 Water Tablets of Obsidian + boss meteoric crystal
Boots = 3 Black Remnants of Rock + 3 Earth Tablets of Obsidian + boss meteoric crystal
Torso = 3 Black Remnants of Space + 3 Mind Tablets of Obsidian + boss meteoric crystal
Legs = 3 Black Remnants of Stars + 3 Air Tablets of Obsidian + boss meteoric crystal
Helmet = 3 Black Remnants of Metal + 3 Fire tablets of Obsidian + boss meteoric crystal

I know that prices are subject to change depending on the seller. But I wanted to get an idea so I won't get ripped off.

Oh, and the weapon... Here is what I found on it..

Reach level 105 or above
Speak with Roarke the Blacksmith in Highshore village followed by others
Obtain 3 (Insert Benedictions, Litanies, Invocations, Echoes or Rites) of Morrigan, Benedictions for warriors, Echoes for Rogues, Litanys for Druids, Invocations for Rangers and Rites for Mages, from the Priestess of Morrigan in Carrowmore Tunnels
Kill 3 Sewer bosses
Defeat Captain Blackstorm in Fingal's Cave

Does that mean I will have to do these things and can't just buy the items? :?

I appreciate the info!

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