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Pixxie and Gebu

I met this wonderful woman playing Celtic heroes back in 2012. For years we played the game together, having fun late into the night camping bosses or just grinding away some levels on new secret characters. In 2017 I was finally able to make the 17 hour drive across the country to meet her face to face. Spent 2 weeks absent from Celtic heroes as I was on vacation with the person I had previously described to my mother as the type of girl I would marry one day. Needless to say after returning home from that vacation I promptly put in my 2 weeks notice at work and made the move from the east coast of America to the middle south of the country. In 2018 we were blessed with identical twin boys. These boys have many medical issues that prevent us from spending time playing games as much anymore, but anyway. The reason I’m posting today is to let everyone know that today is the day that I am getting married to the most beautiful person in the world. I love you Gebu XoXoX
IGN-Whiteyes 231Ranger, g0lden 220 Warrior, The Doctor 213 Druid
Clan- Novalis

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