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An invitation

Over in Toxic, we've been discussing for a few weeks that perhaps there's people on the server that don't want to be in clan Toxic, however want to participate on raids and have the opportunity to earn loot from this.

As I'm sure many are aware, the majority of the drops that we acquire are rolled for by our clan. We'd like to offer this to players outside of Toxic that choose to participate in our raids. This will include the majority of drops from bosses Gelebron and lower.

Strategical boss drops from these bosses will be distributed internally. We've found that this ends up with almost all the drops being rolled as the ones excluded (for internal distribution) are quite rare, resulting in all of the drops from our past 3 Mordris being rolled.

Automatically open to any Evolution members, any one else is free to ask us to participate.

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Re: An invitation

please dont call me necroposter, because this was at the very top of the page already, but ok thx

also we are allied to toxic? never knew that... always thought toxic was full of wannabes
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