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An Old Players Close to Final Feelings

Celtic Heroes, many years ago, was a fun aspect of my life. I remember logging on and forgetting all the stress and pain I used to endure in my day to day life and feeling immersed in the depth of the social life and overall good times the game provided. Keep in mind that this was many a year ago, back in 2013-2015 I'd say. Nowadays, as I mean to make a return to the game, I find myself almost in a state of sadness at what its become. On my server in specific (Lugh), nothing is as it used to be...(and I know why too, no needs to explain)..I guess my entire point in making this post is for me to get an opportunity to clear my head and state my feelings as a returning veteran....I'm always going to miss this game and remember what it once meant to me. Thanks to the entire community for all the good times. Also, I'm new to the forums lmfao

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