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Re: Wiz

ThyraUnited wrote:
Stretch wrote:I been lurking in castle past few days haven't seen anyone tho

Lurking huh? Creeper hehe :lol: ;p

Yea I don't know where to level or go I haven't played since the mordy pit
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Re: Wiz

Levelling is much faster now. First thing is to get you into the tower as that is where you will lvl and do EDL armor bossing. Can easily lvl in a day even at 193 if I stayed lixed for a couple hours
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Re: Wiz

jeez, i see i'm not the only one considering a return. Was enjoying the free life for 2 years, looks like i'l get addicted again... Too bad i forgot the logins to all my accounts .-.

Is rose the place to be now? lots of old faces from the stonevale days :)

Re: Wiz

Hey Rean! :D

Rosmerta’s booming right now! Many old players are trickling in due to anticipation of the Corrupted Gardens update. Now’s the time to level, bc with all old players returning Rosmerta is due for some action.
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Re: Wiz

Omg wiz, was such a cute video btw of your family. Can we say....toy overload?
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