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Re: 2011 crew- clan revenge, awakening... where u at OG

I quit a long time ago but sometimes out of no where, I just randomly remember this game and wonder what its like now lol. Its tempting to come back as a new toon and return to it because Celtic Heroes been one of the most fun gaming experiences ever, but the game was good more so for the social aspect of it rather than the game itself which many of the OGs have quit as far as I know or maybe they lurk on the forum at times like I'm doing right now. I was heavily invested in Celtic back in the days I played it and so I'd honestly rather just enjoy the memories I had of it rather than coming back hoping to replicate those experiences.

I was the OG Moo in clan Alliance, Fisher, Epic and Awakening back in the day and then I was Eo and Krazey. Idk if Rosmerta still doing server wars, but it was fun back when it had competition back in update 2 and 3.

Re: 2011 crew- clan revenge, awakening... where u at OG

Crazy to see so many old names lol. I played back in 2011 through to around 2014, started playing again in 2018 and quit, but just recently returned. My character was Xuence back then, never got past level 70 but remember seeing a load of you guys running around Stonevale and the Otherworld. I started out in United (getting my warden armour at level 50 excluding the sword and chest) and rocking the ancient platebody/falchion lol. Joined a few other clans, Watchdogs / Horizons and had a great time. I remember when the arena came out, a few rogues would always kill lowbies as soon as they entered. Classic, 0nlinebully, Exile and Executive are the ones I remember! Although it sucked at the time, it definitely created some funny memories (thinking ya'll couldn't see me if i walked slowly on the outskirts lol). Hopefully the game is able to recapture some of the magic we all experienced back then!

Edit: Remembered a time where WizardOnion gave me my first experience elixir, whacked a Cloak of Fire on me and told me to run around the catacombs. Seeing those enemies die in 1-2 hits was crazy, and it's stuff like that I hope we can get back. Going by conquests nowadays, don't be strangers ya'll!! :D

Re: 2011 crew- clan revenge, awakening... where u at OG

Do actual OG players still exist in the game? Yall have a communication platform? I miss the good old days with my buddies in Revenge and my clan Mythology. If yall have discord inv me... Zephesis#1418.

Btw if yall don't know who I am. I am the true Classic who created actual history in the game with my buddies
Quite a few od us og players are still here, hard to give this game up 😆
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