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2011 crew- clan revenge, awakening... where u at OG

Hey team, OB here, yeah I’ve been gone for a while, come back and stop every time because the server is just so empty. Full of plat and Lixes but I’m a dinosaur and prefer playing with players that were around back then lol so come on now! Bring out your camo and xp charms and let’s get it to 220. I’m at 208 I think... Was back but then Xanadu quit as well and Levii, not the one that bought the account but the real Harry quit as well. So that’s my two besties gone from the game. I see OGs now and then but was wondering about those old old players that were with me back in Revenge and Awakening days. Hope you are all doing well.

Anyway if any OGs are out there, with their toons frozen in time for half a decade, would be cool if we did a return, even of its a limited time. Maybe a return with an expiration date? I know the new kiddos use the DKP, most of their gear is sitting in banks and few get rich and rich. Spreadsheets, point calculation... boring af! Rosmerta sucks now so I do t blame anyone for quitting, time to make a quick come back, make the game fun again, roll for drops on the spot. Quit gearing favorites and roll with the ose that are there and let them trade. But would be cool if we could at least plan a reunion of a few weeks or a month where we can all reunite for a bit. Cheers! I’m on discord. Legend#5431

Re: 2011 crew- clan revenge, awakening... where u at OG

Do actual OG players still exist in the game? Yall have a communication platform? I miss the good old days with my buddies in Revenge and my clan Mythology. If yall have discord inv me... Zephesis#1418.

Btw if yall don't know who I am. I am the true Classic who created actual history in the game with my buddies
Classic lvl 223 rogue
Clan: Chieftain of Mythology



Re: 2011 crew- clan revenge, awakening... where u at OG

Yo Classic!!! It’s OB! I hated your clan myth cuz you let that fat punk Mookie Joe poison it but glad to see you man! How did college go? I miss running around with you and James (howfast). James was so obsessed leveling lol good seeing everyone. I remember you all.

To answer the questions about communication, honestly I use WhatsApp, snap and email to keep up with the guys. Ein used to keep his email (einsmusic) but stopped communicating a while back. Same for moo, Anna, wiz, Lara, etc. I still talk daily to Xan, Harry, and a few others. Good to see everyone!

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