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Transfer Herne to Morrigan - Camo/100%mount/Top Fash/10Mil


I have a few very nice toons on Herne that has many nice things that I would like to trade for same or similar from Herne to Morrigan.

Maybe, you want to try something new, but feel torn leaving a lot behind? Please contact me in game on Manetheren in Morrigan (as I don’t check this forum much) and let’s discuss on what our options are. Some of my items are as followed:

White Mytihc Glider 100%
Camo charm
White Pirate set
Black pirate set
10 mil in gold
Black horse 90 or 85% (forgot)
Many, mant lix, top ranger gear, locker gear for rogue, an more...

Will use middle man (A well known trusted player) in game.
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