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Morrigan Weekly lottery (non profit)

Hello Morrigan!

I have started a weekly lottery on the server (currently 30+ backers/participants)

5K participation Fee

It will run Monday to Friday and on Saturday the winners will be posted on here, on line, discord and the YouTube comments of the weeks results video via a listed format (links to line and discord below).
The rules are simple!
1. pick 3 lucky numbers 1-100
2. Mail my character Masterwaffle 5k and your 3 lucky numbers (you will receive a reply with confirmation of your submission)
3. only one submission per toon

Now there are 3 winning tiers

Tier 1 - 1 matching number = 25k payout
Tier 2 - 2 matching numbers = 50k payout
Tier 3 - 3 matching numbers = 500k payout

All transactions will go through my trusted toon Masterwaffle
All submissions will go through the in game mail service to masterwaffle.
The random numbers will be picked and recorded using the in game dice mechanic
Submissions on Saturday and Sunday will be returned/refunded and will not count to future pools of potential winners

By non profit I mean none of this will go through to personal gains, the gold capital accumulated throughout this event will be reinvested in the winnings
If we have no winners for the week, the accumulated admission fees will be added to the next weeks winnings as a rollover mechanic.
Morrigan gold for Morrigan people :)

If your interested please feel free to mail your submission to masterwaffle, everyone is welcome regardless of level and reputation
if you would like tailored Morrigan lottery updates feel free to join the Morrigan lottery line chat and discord chats and dont forget to subscribe to the you-tube channel as to never miss a results day!

happy hunting killers

https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClM6xz ... xgC6WmZNLw
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A smug casual warrior from morrigan

Re: Morrigan Weekly lottery (non profit)

Hello Morrigan!
Please see results of this weeks lottery (week ending in 20th October)

Winning Numbers //52// //43// //67//

Tier 1 Winners 25k:
Aseinia Ulrick

Tier 2 winners 50k:

Tier 3 Winners 500k:

Congratulations to all the winners, and to the rest, better luck next week!

Winnings will be sent out ASAP
A smug casual warrior from morrigan

Re: Morrigan Weekly lottery (non profit)

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