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Hey Herne

I can still vividly remember the moment when I first joined the Herne community in 2011; the very time when Stonefang was one of the top-notch bosses, and Britannians rivaled against Spellsingers. Herne was definitely amongst the most lively servers back then. Of course, I was never any of those main characters in the server. I was in BabyBrits during the 2011-2012 war. I quitted my warrior and made a rogue, and believe it or not, I cannot recall its name xD. My last moments in Herne were in United Pigeons, supporting Infection who fought against resurgence. This post is to reminisce about the meaning and worthful times there as I truly miss Herne. I came back to Celtic Heroes two weeks ago, and now I play in Epona as an lvl193 rogue.

Hi Herne,
Mals :)
Amidst Roguelvl193++ in Epona
80 Mage lvl147++ in Herne
Malsahar Warrior lvl107++ in Herne

Clan in Epona - Cohesion
Clan in Herne - Knights of the Old

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