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LVL 173 Warrior (herne player from 2013)

Two main topics here is the first topic. Hello all I'm sure if your from Herne you have seen me at least once over the last 7 years. First of all I will announce to clear any and all questions about my name. I am not the Mage Natalia thats Like plus 200 or something. I met natalia the first year I played though back in 2013. I remember Ardmair chests had been announced. Good memories but no I'm not Natalia. My name is natalia though. When I went to type my name in to create a character it said natalia was already taken lol. So this is why I have natalia2. But I can see the confusion. Ok here is what I really came here for topic number 2.

I am wanting some personal items for my account. Mainly jewelry and certain fash items. I can pay in chests or if you prefer gold. I have needed to upgrade my lux pretty badly. although I did just get a nice ammy though. My gear isnt that bad just meant for like level 140s except for my ammy. So mainly lvl 170 or I'll even go with level 180 stuff since I can level there soon

Also I am looking for certain fash. I will pay the price expected as long as it's fair. Black Hunter. spooky or not doesnt matter. White hunter of course would be a dream. I also wouldn't mind full black unleashed demonheart set. Those two are my number 1 picks. Black full sets of basically anytning I like.

I also want a freaking unicorn. I know I just want everything that's impossible to get. I did get some cool mounts from a chest. But I'm old school. Dont like battlemounts just regular mounts.

If you have any powerful rare weapons for main or offhand seriously let me know. I have been paying ppl lots for rare items. Dont be afraid to message me ingame.

Black hunter I hope I find you. I let you go once before...never again shall I let greed take over my mind. Such a waste of beautiful Rare fashion for gold. What's gold when you have no black hunter. Nothing at all.

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